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*Authorized Distributor Siemens Flender* 02129038737/081292610411 *Menjual Elektromotor, Gearbox, Chain, Coupling, Bearing Berkualitas
Simtraco sejak tahun 2009 sudah dipercaya untuk memasok produk transmisi tenaga mekanik seperti Electromotor, coupling, Gearbox, Bearing, Pompa dan Chain. Kami merupakan partner dari Brand berkualitas seperti NORD, Siemens, SEW, Sumitomo, BIKON Dobikon, Ringspann
Telp: 02129038737, WA: 081292610411

NORD Helical and Bevel Helical Gearbox, Parallel & Right-Angle Industrial Gear Units PT. SIMTRACO INTRAMANUNGGAL ABADIJAYA Terlengkap

NORD Parallel & Right-Angle Large Industrial Gear Units The NORD large industrial gear units off er a unique combination of fl exibility and durability for the most demanding high-torque applications . Available in both a parallel-shaft design and right-angle design with a spiral-bevel input . Very high ratios are possible in the form of a compound unit by combining these units with NORD’s Clincher™ or Helical-Bevel series . Gearing and shafting are designed in accordance to international standards and the case carburized and hard fi nished gears are manufactured to the highest quality . Only industry recognized antifriction roller bearings are used to provide exceptional bearing life . These units also off er fl exible design alternatives by providing a full complement of input, mounting, output shaft, output shaft sealing, and thermal control options . Optimized geometries and precise shaft alignment provide excellent load-bearing capacity, long operating life, insignifi cant operating noise as well as lubrication system integrity
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